Tug-e-nuff The Clam

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The mussel is an innovative toy that makes training much more rewarding for you and your food-motivated dog!

This pocket-sized training aid is perfect for rewarding your dog at a distance – for example when you teach jumping grills in agility or when you train flyball. It is small enough to be kept hidden until you need it, it weighs perfectly for throwing and is available in color combinations that are easy for dogs to see.

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The best thing about Musslan is its smart opening mechanism: big enough for your dog to push his nose into, but too small for the treats to fall out when the toy is thrown. This allows your dog to be rewarded immediately, eliminating the frustration it may feel if it has to wait for you to catch up with them, thereby maximizing your training results. Once your dog has gotten the hang of it, they will love to compete to claim the “pearls” found in their mussel!

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Pink/Purple, Yellow/Blue, Orange/Blue