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For puppies and dogs of all ages, Puppy Start Right – Foundation Training for The Companion Dog  is the ideal resource for all dog parents, dog trainers, puppy socialization class instructors, shelters and adoption agencies.

With almost 200 pages, corresponding photos, and step-by-step instructions, Puppy Start Right is the book for fostering and enhancing a parenting relationship among people and their dogs.

Whether you are raising a new puppy, have recently adopted an adolescent dog, or are living with an adult dog, Puppy Start Right is the book for you. This book sets the foundation for a lifelong partnership between you and your dog based on a mutual understanding and trust.

Puppy Start Right is more than just a puppy book about socialization; it’s a positive approach to problem solving, prevention, and training, all without the use of force. Problem-solving topics address common behaviors of adolescent dogs, including mouthing/biting, jumping, chewing, digging, counter surfing, and stealing objects. Prevention topics include confinement/independence training, food bowl exercises, handling and restraint, and more.

The book includes: * The Developmental Life Stages of Dogs * Domestication, Social Behavior, How Dogs Perceive the World and Canine Communication * How Dogs Learn * Positive Socialization and What to do if Your Dog is Frightened? * Applying the Problem-Solving Model to Prevent Common Behavior Problems * House Training in 5 Easy Steps * Foundation Training Exercises

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Author: Kenneth Martin and Debbie Martin
Published: 2011
ISBN: 9781890948443

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