Plastic Muzzle Baskerville Ultra

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Baskerville Muzzles are adapted to the dog, to be as comfortable as possible but still fulfill their function. The dog can pant (very important for a dog), drink water, get a candy if it has done something good but the dog can not scratch off the muzzle and it is strong enough to prevent
that the dog uses its teeth for something impermissible.

For a better fit, you can soak the muzzle in warm water for about 2 minutes and then reshape it to the desired fit. After reshaping, place the muzzle in cold water to maintain the new shape, see information on this on the packaging.

Size 1 fits for example YorkshireTerrier.
Size 2 fits for example Jack Russel Terrier.
Size 3 fits for example Cocker Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
Size 4 fits for example Dalmatians, Flatcoated Retriever.
Size 5 fits for example Boxer, Golden Retriever.
Size 6 fits for example Rottweiler, St Bernhard, Grand Danois.

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