PetSafe Treat & Train

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Treat & Train is a remote control reward machine where you can reward the dog from a distance with the help of a remote control and a candy vending machine.
You direct the candy vending machine with a remote control that extends up to 30 meters, without obstacles in the way.
You can release one or more pieces of candy via the remote control and every time it sends out a piece of candy, a sound is heard. This sound helps the dog to understand that every time they hear it, there is candy on the way. In this way you can teach the dog that it e.g. must stay in a certain place (near the candy vending machine) and will then be rewarded afterwards via the candy vending machine. This can be useful if it needs to stay in place when e.g. the doorbell rings m.m. The area of ​​use can range from teaching the dog to stay in one place, agility or other types of obedience exercises.

It is also possible to set Treat & Train to automatic mode and it then portions out sweets at regular intervals. Slightly harder sweets are preferable, but even soft sweets can work if they are not the stickiest kind that breaks easily.

4 D batteries, not included.

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