PawsPocket XL Lotusboll with rabbit skin, sheep skin and handle

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Note that the pink option is currently mixed with purple.

The latest addition to the PawsPocket family not only holds a treat but is now covered on the outside with rabbit fur, which makes a very high reward for even the most discerning dogs! This special Rabbit PawsPocket has been combined with an extra long handle to take advantage of your dogs’ natural hunting instinct! With this, a sheepskin rod is also placed above the lotus ball with rabbit skin.

As you may know, rabbit fur is not the strongest material but drives most dogs insane. That means they will do almost anything to put their paws on this rabbit skin covered lotus ball!

The leather has been sewn on the usual material PawsPocket usually uses for their lotus balls, which means that if they remove the fur, it still has the lasting fabric underneath!

PawsPocket is a toy to have candy in. Designed so that a candy can be placed in the middle and used as a self-rewarding toy. Perfect for helping increase the value of a dog toy. Perfect as a training aid to help your dog have more drive and motivation or even to get them down to earth and get their brain more engaged. It consists of three “petals” held together with velcro. It can be made easier or harder for the dog to open, depending on how tightly you close the petals. This is a good training aid for forward transmission, external reward or for dogs who otherwise do not like toys.

Total length 116 cm/45,6 inch
Dimensions when the lotus ball is closed: Height 11 cm/4,3 inch, Diameter 10 cm/3,9 inch

This measurement is an approximate estimate from the average of 3 balls.
This is a handmade toy. The skin may vary slightly in color compared to the pictures.

This is a training toy and is not intended to be left unattended with your dog.

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