Nina Ottosson Dog Worker Composite Green

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Spin, scoot & treat! Nina Ottosson Dog Worker lets your dog work to find candy!

PLAY TIME CHALLENGE: The ultimate challenge for your dog. Nina Ottosson Dog Worker can be filled with sweets or food, for a fun activation that strengthens the contact between you and your dog and gives your dog a challenge. Help your dog become a real Puzzle Master!

REAL WOOD LOOK: Nina Ottosson Dog Worker is made of a unique composite material that has all the benefits of both wood and plastic. More durable and practical than wood, resistant to moisture and easy to clean, and does not chip like wood.

CHALLENGING FUN: The raised puzzle pieces in Dog Worker must be moved to access the candy, giving the dog a challenge that is fun and stimulating. Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games are suitable for all dogs, regardless of age, size or breed. This Level 3 game is recommended for dogs that need more of a challenge, but can be adapted to suit most people.

NO REMOVABLE PARTS: No loose parts. The game’s built-in parts do not come loose when the dog plays with it. The sturdy construction means that the game lasts for a long time, which both you and your dog will appreciate.

LEVEL 3 CHALLENGE: One step up from Level 2, Dog Worker is a little harder and challenges your dog in new ways. If your dog can handle the simpler games, Level 3 is a smart choice!

HOW TO PLAY: Place candy or food in the countersunk holes around and under the rotating disc, as well as inside the blocks through the hole on top of the block. Let the “wings” cover the sunken holes with candy. Let the game begin! Set the game down on the floor and show the dog how to do it. Dogs are smarter than you think, you just need to teach them how to do it! Rotate the “wings” to vary the degree of difficulty, and show the dog how to move the blocks and the rotating disk to access the good.

FROZEN PUZZLE: Mix some meaty dog ​​food or raw food with water, click a little in each immersion, or put a piece of sausage / candy piece in each compartment and pour a little water. Set the game in the freezer until it is frozen. Perfect for energetic dogs, warm weather or for an extra long playing time.

PLAY TOGETHER: Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games go a step further than regular toys – they are brain teasers for your dog. Do not leave the dog alone, and do not let the dog chew or bite them. Teach the dog to use the games – play and have fun together! Set aside until next time.

EASY TO CLEAN: Clean with warm running water and mild detergent, rinse thoroughly. Refill for more fun!

Diameter 34.5 cm, height 5 cm.

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