Flexiness TwinDisc

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When you want to train balance and strength on your dog, then the balance ball can be a good training tool. Here is Twindisc coming from Flexiness in Switzerland. It is a lower balance ball, it means that the dog is not so high up in the air, which can simplify training. But it is still both physically and mentally tough form of training. Smaller dogs can stand with all four paws on the counter, but larger doggies can fit with two paws at a time or two balance balls are needed.

Flexiness Twin disc has two different surfaces. One side is lumpy and the other a little smoother. The dog gets a good grip on both sides, but the lumpy one also stimulates nerves in the dog’s paws. By varying the amount of air in the disc, you can simplify or make it more difficult for the dog. The more air, the easier it is for the doggy to find balance. But if you inflate the ball to the max, so that the edges are a little rounded, then it will be extra difficult because the disc will then wobble. The point of balance ball training with the dog? On the one hand, it is an easy way to socialize and build communication. But beyond that, the training is good for the dog’s torso and posture and also self-confidence. With the balance ball, your dog trains muscles, body control, balance, coordination and stability. Everything that your dog benefits from to have a good and sustainable life. Pump not included, but purchased separately.


SIZE About 55 cm long, about 32 cm wide and about 6 cm high.

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