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Flexiness® SensiMats are suitable for use both directly on the floor and on other products. With the help of this, you can make any surface non-slip and suitable for your dog’s training. Flexiness® SensiMats are available in three different patterns, all of which have been well received by dogs. The spikes are rounded at the top and provide nerve stimulation and increased grip.

Straight pattern = all spikes are the same height.
Wave pattern = the spikes are different heights.
Diamond = diamond patterned.
Helps with paw grip, nerve stimulation, posture and is a fantastic training tool.

• Non-slip surface.
• Improves paw awareness on a flat surface that does not require balance.
• Gives the dog a surface to improve its sitting position.
• Can be used to improve foot position.
• Can be used as the paw target.
• Can be used on Rocker Board and Giant Wobble Board to improve the dog’s position and ability to shift weight.
• Can be used to define the area of ​​the dog if needed.
• Can be used on other surfaces such as platforms, Klimb, FitStages etc.
• Can be paired with other FitPAWS & Flexiness products.
• Can be used under Cavaletti obstacles.

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Straight pattern, Diamond pattern, Wave pattern