Flexiness SensiDonut

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Flexiness® SensiDonut is a uniquely shaped balance ball specially designed for dogs. The lumpy surface provides both neorosensory stimulation and prevents the dog from slipping. The flat base offers more stability than other inflatable balls and your dog can learn to stand, sit, lie down, do side steps and many other useful exercises on the ball. Flexiness® SensiDonutHolder is an inflatable ring that stabilizes Flexiness® SensiDonut. A good training tool if your dog is a beginner on Donut or needs to be rehabilitated from an injury. You can then start your training with Donut Holder and when the dog has gained more muscle strength and balance, you can remove it.

• Builds muscle.
• Improves body control and balance.
• Increases self-confidence.
• Improves focus.
• Pumped with standard pump (not included).

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