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ccc2020 webinar series

The upcoming weekend we should’ve had the 3rd CCC conference2020 – but, due to the Corvid -19 situation, we chose to cancel that and instead focus on the upcoming series of CCC webinars. Stay tuned, information will come here and on the facebook page. To make sure you get the latest information asap, please sign up for the CCC newsletter!

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ccc2020 – IRL event!

The Choice Control Communication conference

Welcome to ccc2020 – the Scandinavian conference on increasing opportunities for Choice, Control & Communication for all individuals!

Enjoy inspirational, thought-provoking and discussion-evoking presentations together with an enthusiastic audience with a wide variety of backgrounds, all with a strong interest in modern and progressive animal care. Together we will speed up the progress and set new standards for human-animal interactions!

ccc2020 will be a special conference, in adjustment to the COVID-19 situation. We will have a small-scale IRL event on site in Ljungskile on November 7-8. This will be a weekend focused on practical training procedures, and “What does that look like?” will be a frequently asked question!

We’ll have no more than 50 people in the room, and we’ll put our behavior skills to use in creating a safe environment where we can still meet in real life.

Registration is OPEN!