Eva Bertilsson

Eva Bertilsson has a master’s degree in behavior analysis from Oslo Metropolitan University and a passion for all things related to behavior, learning and animal welfare. Eva’s practical experience spans from top level dog sports to zoological settings, pets in educational facilities, and human learners in a variety of contexts. She is devoted to the development and dissemination of science-based, ethical and empowering behavior work, and thoroughly enjoys networking and connecting people and ideas.

Eva and Lady Cluck
Eva & Emelie, Carpe Momentum

Carpe Momentum is the name of the collaboration between Eva and Emelie Johnson Vegh. Working together since the late 90s, E&E teach positive reinforcement training and coach trainers in the art of structuring great training sessions regardless of the venue or the species. The Carpe Momentum colleagues are the authors of Agility Right from the Start where they lay out their philosophy and structured approach to training, making it a well worth read not only for agility enthusiasts. Together they teach at Clicker Expo and other international platforms, and they are also TAGteach faculty licenced to certify otherTAGteachers.

Eva’s home base is in the village of Ljungskile in the west of Sweden, where she also organizes the yearly CCC conference on Choice, Control & Communication. She is a board member of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis as well as a popular teacher at a variety of dog training schools and animal behavior education programs. She has also been instrumental in introducing TAGteach ™ and Fear Free™, as well as numerous international speakers (for example Ken Ramirez, Susan Friedman, Susan Schneider and Clive Wynne), to the Scandinavian audience.

Eva and Tizla

Welcome to ABC247!

“Welcome to this ABC247 webshop and online learning portal, fellow behavior nerds! This is my most recent collaboration, and I’m thrilled that YOU have found it!

I look forward to assisting Caroline in developing the product line, connecting with colleagues whose books or products can be found in the store, building the online learning center, and keeping in touch with new and old friends near and far.

See you around! //Eva “



Where you find Eva:

Most everything that Eva is involved in gets announced on the Carpe Momentum’s facebook page
You can get in touch with Eva personally at eva@carpemomentum.nu  and you can reach both Eva and Emelie through info@carpemomentum.nu.

Occasionally, Eva has time for private consultations  IRL or through zoom or phone call. Please e-mail eva@carpemomentum.nu with your request!

  • Teaching at international animal training conferences and other events, often together with Carpe Momentum colleague Emelie.
  • As an invited speaker/teacher at national and international workshops, courses and events.
  • As a coach or mentor for individuals and organizations.
  • As an organizer of conferences and events with internationally renown speakers, including the CCC choice Control Communication conference.
  • As a board member of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis (SWABA) and organizer of the applied animal behavior special interest group SWABAdjur.
  • At the nerdy ABC247.wtf webshop where she hosts webinars and other online learning opportunities.
  • Teaching reward based horse training and exploring the nuances of training (horses and dogs, dressage and husbandry…) together with Angelica Hesselius – live courses at www.rewardbasedartofriding.com and recorded webinars at ABC247.
  • In Swedish: Teaching reward based horse training for instructors, in collaboration with Carolina Fransson, OHR+
  • In Swedish: Running a membership group for husbandry/cooperative care training called Kul med Hantering (“Fun and games with cooperative care”)

Some highlights from Eva’s CV:

  • 1992: Got started with reward based dog training.
  • 1994: Started teaching dog training classes in 1994
  • 1994 ff:  Avid dog sport competitor, first with top titles in competitive obedience with toller Sickan and phalène Misty, and then numerous agility championship titles with phalènes Misty and Soya.
  • 1997: Attended her first clicker training seminar. Later continued through Bob Bailey’s chicken camp which also gave a first introduction to the field of behavior analysis.
  • 1997: Bachelor exam in psychology and education
  • 1998: Started collaborating with Emelie Johnson Vegh, a collaboration that developed into Carpe Momentum www.carpemomentum.nu
  • 2010: Published the book Agility Right From The Start (written upon a request from Karen Pryor) in 2010, together with Emelie.
    Fun fact: “Start button training” is a term coined in this book!
  • 2010-2011: University courses in ethology and in behavior analysis & autism. .
  • 2011: Started teaching at Clicker Expo together with Emelie, early lectures including for example”From One Reward To The Next”, “Noise and Movement”, “Smart Starts” and”Agility Shaping Procedures”.
  • 2015: Co-hosted the Ethics of Creating Motivation workshop with Barbara Heidenreich
  • 2016: Master exam in behavior analysis (”Learning in Complex Systems” at Oslo Metropolitan (Thesis on separation related behaviors in dogs, with Clive Wynne and Per Holth
  • 2016: Holds the first Animals in Control lecture together at Clicker Expo together with Emelie and Peggy Hogan.
    Fun fact: This lecture re-launched the term “start button behavior” and initiated a widespread use of the term.
  • 2017: Co-hosted the first Scandinavian FearFree(TM) event with dr Kenneth Martin and Debbie Martin
  • 2018: Co-taught Cooperative Care Camp in Sweden with Laura Monaco Torelli
  • 2018: Organized the first CCC Choice Control Communication conference
  • 2019: Became an ackredited speaker for FearFree(TM)
  • 2019: Was one of the invited speakers at the ABAI (Association of Behavior Analysis International) conference in 2019 with a lecture on start button behaviors 
  • 2020: Launched ABC247 webshop online learning segment
  • 2020: Teaching at the first Swedish instructors’ course for reward based horse training with Carolina Fransson (OHR+)
  • 2020: Launched a Swedish membership group for Cooperative Care, “Kul med Hantering”.
  • 2020: Presented on cooperative care for future dental nurses at Swedish “Folkuniversitetet”
  • 2021: Started co-teaching seamless, reward based horse training together with Angelica Hesselius of Reward Based Art Of Riding, under labels such as Exploring Nuances and Exploring Rewards.