Caroline Ottermalm

Caroline Ottermalm is a passionate dog instructor and animal lover especially enthusiastic about clicker training, enrichment and positive reinforcement. Caroline’s educational background is centered on a variety of animal welfare and behavior related courses. When teaching, Caroline always sees each individual, human or animal, and helps meet their specific needs.

Caroline training
Caroline and Ylva

Caroline is dedicated to increasing the average knowledge about animals in general, dogs in particular and animal welfare. Her previous professional experiences include working in boarding facilities for dogs in Norway as well as being a zookeeper both in a zoo and on dairy- and horse farms. She also has extensive experience as a dog walker and is a TAGteacher level 1.

Caroline with sheep

In addition to animals, Caroline is passionate about entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. How can we reach as many people as possible with our knowledge? She thinks about it almost every day.

In 2014, she started a Facebook group called Djurjobb Sverige in order to make it easier for employers and jobseekers in the animal industry to find each other. As of today the group has over 7000 members (which is a lot for little Sweden). This is also how Eva began to remember her name.

The webshop itself was created by Caroline selling harnesses at dog courses. Then it was expanded to sweets and, as the range grew, the idea of a webshop began. The company behind ABC247 is the Swedish version of the shop DjurVarDag AB, which Caroline has run since 2017.