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ccc2020 – IRL event!

The Choice Control Communication conference

Welcome to ccc2020 – the Scandinavian conference on increasing opportunities for Choice, Control & Communication for all individuals!

Enjoy inspirational, thought-provoking and discussion-evoking presentations together with an enthusiastic audience with a wide variety of backgrounds, all with a strong interest in modern and progressive animal care. Together we will speed up the progress and set new standards for human-animal interactions!

ccc2020 will be a special conference, in adjustment to the COVID-19 situation. We will have a small-scale IRL event on site in Ljungskile on November 7-8. This will be a weekend focused on practical training procedures, and “What does that look like?” will be a frequently asked question!

We’ll have no more than 50 people in the room, and we’ll put our behavior skills to use in creating a safe environment where we can still meet in real life.

Registration is OPEN!

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